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You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself.

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Good News!
Genis: E=mc^2 BD
Today made everything all better, and it's hardly half way over.

I know I've been complaining a lot lately, and I feel a little bad about it, but it's been nice to vent and not keep all those bad feelings bottled up, so at the same time, I'mnotallthatsorry. xD

My last journal was about these dweebs in my art history class who cheated on a quiz. It's been bothering me SO much, this last week, simply because I knew that they had done it, that I finally managed to work up the courage to send an email to my professor, right before class this morning, letting him know what was going on. He's such a great guy, youguys. He's this little Korean philosopher with a thick accent and he's so... whimsical. I look forward to his class every other day, I really do. And I didn't want anything to taint my memories of it.

So I sent him an email about the cheating and got everything off my chest. He handled it so eloquently at the end of the lesson, today! And he didn't even hint that a student had been the one to tip him off about the cheating, so I felt safe from the wrath of my peers. I genuinely feel reassured that the cheating won't happen again. Especially because the major tests are in essay format, so unless you really know your material, it's a little harder to BS your way through it.

And I didn't include any names in the email, so I'm totally not a tattletale.


Let's hope my other classes start falling back into place...

In the meantime, have some doodles.

This one almost looks like Jessie as a mermaid, so that is what I shall call her. 8B
I like doodling with only pen and marker, lately, I'm not sure why. It's a lot different from what I'm use to.

Did this one nearly a month ago, lol. First or second day of the quarter. xD

Original story for Children's Book was about two siblings and their fat cat. I still like the dynamics of this trio and will probably return to the idea at some point. xD

A few thumbnails from when I was planning out the idea.

This is the picture that spawned the story I'm doing NOW, though the characters have changed quite a bit. I've got all of my process work for this one scanned, so I might do a post just for that, if you guys are interested.

And now some fanart to close with!

Rapunzel's daddy, the king, from Tangled. I used this as a warm-up sketch for something else I'm working on that is Tangled-related. Still kinda like how it turned out.


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What's your story now? It looks pretty! :D

D'AWWW I LOVE RAPUNZEL'S DADDY. Him and her mom are probably my favorite characters in that movie. :>

It's the same one that I mentioned in the last post.


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